The children’s

Stories about twenty-five children from twenty countries
240 pages and twenty-five large format images.

Folke Tegetthoff,
Writer of fairy-tales and Storyteller

In 1979, his first book (The Beautiful Dragon) was published; today, there are forty-five books, translated into twelve languages, with a total circulation of 1.6 million. As a storyteller, Tegetthoff had more than 5,000 guest performances in forty-two countries on all continents, …

… including Al-Azhar University in Cairo, University of Jerusalem, Sophia University in Tokyo, Stanford University in San Francisco, Beijing University (and many more).

The children’s moment

The story of the book

In 2021 it so happened that I “coincidentally” visited several (great) photo exhibitions. “Coincidentally” they were exhibitions that presented snapshots of the lives of their subjects in all their truth and reality.
I spontaneously dived head over heels into another world that was still foreign to me.

I asked myself: what did the world look like that must have been happening in the background of these captured moments?