Writer of fairy-tales and Storyteller.

©Nikolaus Pfusterschmid

About the writer
Folke Tegetthoff

Folke Tegetthoff | 1954 | Grown up in Graz, Austria
Lives in Southern Styria, Austria and in Piran, Slovenia with his wife Astrid
Their children Tessa, Sophie, Kira and Floris live in Berlin, Vienna and Haarlem

Forty-five books | Translated into twelve languages | total circulation: 1.6 million
More than 5,000 guest performances in forty-two countries
(As of March 2023)

COVER: Das Mädchen, das die ganze Welt kannte | Syrien, ©Muhammed Muheisen

The children’s

Inspired by 25 expressive, exciting, and powerful photos from 17 photographers from 10 countries (including two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Muhammed Muheisen with his UNICEF Photo of the Year 2017), Folke Tegetthoff tells about 25 children from 20 countries – from Afghanistan to Bulgaria, from Myanmar to Ireland, from China to Madagascar.

In his stories, it is not about what the photo shows, but rather stories and fairy tales full of imagination, about various topics that the children of the 21st century are confronted with.